The American highlights

(This post follows ‘Night flight to NYC’ posted on 30 May 2017)

We had hoped to start touring from the first day of reaching New York city. The day we had landed was Thanksgiving Day. We wanted to catch a glimpse of the famous Macy’s parade. We were so enthusiastic about it that we forgot about jet lag! But it hadn’t forgotten us.

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Night flight to NYC

(This post follows ‘The great American dream’ posted on 20 May 2017)

The day of departure finally arrived. We were to know the status of our ticket after reaching the airport. We dropped KitCat at our family friend’s house and headed to Abu Dhabi International Airport. Our flight was scheduled at 3.20 am (GMT + 4). Around 2.30 am or so, we were confirmed to fly.

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The great American dream

You know from ‘To Russia by Chance’ that our plan to go to Nepal in November 2015 had to be cancelled. Vinod’s and my annual leaves were approved. I was almost desperate to travel. I couldn’t think of any other destination which offers visa on arrival to Indians and which we hadn’t visited before. Then, Vinod suggested going to New York.

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