Heritage tour of Nepal

A visit to the Himalayan country of Nepal had been pending since 2015. Even 2017 was ending and we hadn’t yet visited the country. Finally, in the last few days of 2017, we took a day off, combined it with the weekend and New Year’s Day and set off to Nepal.

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Memories from Maldives

It was December 2010. We were tired from our 3-week long tour of Europe in October and were looking at a short break to recover from that. Meanwhile, a holiday was declared on 2 December on account of National Day. That year, 2 December fell on a Thursday. I was thrilled at the travel opportunity this holiday presented as the next two days were our regular weekly holidays.

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Hyderabad hues

(This post follows ‘Am off to Hyderabad!‘ posted on 8 Nov 2016 and could be read with ‘And am back from Hyderabad!’ posted on 20 Nov 2016.)

We were going to Hyderabad only for two days. Yet, I was excited as if I were going for a week! This was our second visit to India’s first (or maybe amongst the first) ICT-focussed city. Remember it had earned the moniker cyberabad in early 2000?

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And am back from Hyderabad!

(This post follows ‘Am off to Hyderabad!‘ posted on 8 Nov 2016).

It was a short, but fulfilling trip. As you know, I had gone to attend Writers’ Carnival. It was its sixth edition. It had an interesting mix of speakers and activities.

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Am off to Hyderabad!

I am travelling again; but this time it’s not pure travel. I am going to attend Writers’ Carnival in Hyderabad.

I am travelling again; however, this time it’s not pure travel. I am going to attend Writers’ Carnival in Hyderabad.

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