Hyderabad hues

(This post follows ‘Am off to Hyderabad!‘ posted on 8 Nov 2016 and could be read with ‘And am back from Hyderabad!’ posted on 20 Nov 2016.)

We were going to Hyderabad only for two days. Yet, I was excited as if I were going for a week! This was our second visit to India’s first (or maybe amongst the first) ICT-focussed city. Remember it had earned the moniker cyberabad in early 2000?

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And am back from Hyderabad!

(This post follows ‘Am off to Hyderabad!‘ posted on 8 Nov 2016).

It was a short, but fulfilling trip. As you know, I had gone to attend Writers’ Carnival. It was its sixth edition. It had an interesting mix of speakers and activities.

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