Driving back to Geneva – Part 2

(This post follows ‘Driving back to Geneva – Part 1’ posted on 27 Feb 2017)

We started driving southwest towards Lausanne. At some place (we don’t know the location), we stopped at a rest area. There was a big convenience store that also sold hot food in a buffet and a small convenience store.

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Driving back to Geneva – Part 1

(This post follows ‘Liechtenstein in a day’ posted on 18 Feb 2017)

That was the last day of our trip. Our flight to Abu Dhabi was to depart from Geneva International Airport at night. We had almost the full day to reach Geneva airport. We had checked-in online a day before just in case we got delayed.

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A day in Arosa

(This post follows ‘St. Niklaus to Chur – Part 2‘ posted on 30 Jan)

We woke up after a long, deep sleep and helped ourselves to a hearty share of continental breakfast. We hadn’t quite recovered from the earlier day’s drive. So, even though we had received tickets for cable car rides (with compliments from our hotel), we deciding against exploring. We were attracted to discovering Arosa but we were not tempted. We were scheduled to leave for Geneva International Airport after two days which too was going to be a long drive. We wanted to save our energy for that.

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St. Niklaus to Chur – Part 2

(This post follows St. Niklaus to Chur – Part 1 posted on 21 Jan 2017)

We were fortunate to find a government tourism office. (I might have said this before but it’s really amazing that small towns and villages in Europe have official information offices!) The lady there was very helpful. Apparently, we weren’t too off our route; we had taken a right turn earlier than we should have. She gave us a map and guided us how to get back on the track and even told us about a nice restaurant not very far. She also informed us that the GPS navigation system might have thought that Furka Pass was closed (which is usually the case in winter) and hence must have led us to Furka Base Tunnel.

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St. Niklaus to Chur – Part 1

(This post follows Exploring Zermatt posted on 8 Jan 2017.)

After exploring Zermatt, we were ready to drive to our next destination, Chur, which is about 200 kms far. We wanted to leave early so that we could reach in time for lunch and the designated check-in time at the hotel, but not without seeing the horses. 🙂  There were about 3 or 4 of them; the furriest I had ever seen. We took pictures from a distance as they were guarded by electric wires.

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Exploring Zermatt

(This post continues from Chamonix to St. Niklaus posted on 20 Dec 2016.)

As per our original plan, we were to explore Zermatt and then take a scenic ride from Zermatt to St. Moritz via Chur on the Glacier Express. Although we changed our mode of transportation, we didn’t change our destinations.

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Chamonix to St. Niklaus

(This post continues from ‘Shining in Chamonix’ posted on 12 Dec 2016.)

After spending a wonderful time in Chamonix, we started for our next destination which was 136 km far and our first stop in Switzerland – St. Niklaus. We started around 10 in the morning. Our only agenda for the day was to reach our accommodation there; a studio apartment situated in between the Swiss mountains.

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