Cape Town calling

(This post follows ‘Going along the Garden Route – Part 2’ posted on 10 Aug 2018)

We were back in Cape Town and it was time to explore the Mother City. I have faint memories of how we spent the day and the order in which we visited places. However, I am sure we got on on one of the ‘hop on hop off’ buses and bought tickets for a 48-hour tour of the city. We took a brief tour of Cape Town. We went around the city centre and crossed the Trafalgar Place Flower Market, as the guide provided commentary.

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Going along the Garden Route – Part 2

(This post follows ‘Going along the Garden Route – Part 1’ posted on 31 Jul 2018)

Day 3 began with a visit to the big tree in Tsitsikamma Forest. I don’t remember a lot about the big tree, but this website says that it is a giant Outeniqua Yellowwood (Podocarpus Falcatus) tree with a height of 36.6 metres and a circumference of 9 metres. We spent some time in awe of the hugeness of the tree and admiring the lush green forest in which it stood.

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Going along the Garden Route – Part 1

(This post follows ‘Safari in Kruger National Park’ posted on 12 Jul 2018)

After a good long sleep, we woke up feeling fresh and all geared up to begin the second leg of our South African tour. We had continental breakfast and were ready with our bags all packed. The driver and tour guide from African Eagle/Day Tours arrived on time. We set off on an all inclusive 4 days-3 nights private tour along the famed Garden Route which is also called Route 60.

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Safari in Kruger National Park

(This post follows ‘This time for Africa’ published on 30 Oct 2017)

We were ready to begin the first leg of our South African trip. After we had breakfast, Mr. Williams from Outlook Travel came to pick us up. We set off on a 5-hour drive for a 3-day stay at Kruger National Park. The trip to the park was going to be all about spotting and observing animals. Vinod and I were super excited! We had packed clothes of colours that blend with the environment and insect repellents, especially for this trip. We were joined by an East Asian couple and their child.

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This time for Africa!

It was September of 2011; time for another holiday. Vinod chose South Africa. I didn’t contest because I didn’t have a destination in mind. Vinod had spoken to many of his colleagues who travel a lot and all of them had recommended South Africa as ‘the’ destination to experience wildlife, adventure and nature.

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