Seychellois sojourn

(This post follows ‘She sells seashells…’ posted on 20 Jun 2017)

Seychelles is a paradise. It is a beach destination like Maldives that offers a variety of adventurous aquatic activities and a rich marine world to explore. However, Seychelles is different as it offers the scope to explore terrestrial treasures as well. It is a big island and free to be discovered unlike Maldives where one is restricted to the resort island he is staying on.

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She sells seashells…

It was the summer of 2015. We were bored, tired and desperately in need of a break. Our passports had just got renewed. It was a perfect time for a holiday. However, most countries require us to apply for a visa prior to travel and submit tonnes of supporting documents to prove our identity, intention of travel and return etc. Hence, we prefer to go to a destination that offers visa on arrival to Indians.

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