My baby-passport

Here is a copy of my first passport issued by the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 26 September 1981. I was two years old then.

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Driving in foreign lands

I have two driving licences; the one issued by Indian authorities permits me to drive cars with manual transmission and the one issued by the UAE authorities permits me to drive cars with automatic transmission. Personally, I am more confident driving automatic cars. I love SUVs. I have driven in India and continue to drive in the UAE, where I am a resident since 2008. I also had the opportunity to drive in foreign lands.

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Changing of the guards

We were lucky to see changing of the guards on two occasions. Guards change every hour on the hour. 

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Uptown Vibe In Downtown Cafe

Read and enjoy this blog about a cafe in my adjoining neighbourhood. Don’t blame me if you feel tempted to try the dishes mentioned here. By the way, I am the friend referred to in this blog. 🙂

Downtown Cafe in Karama
Downtown Cafe, an Indian brand that has 3 outlets across India, opened it’s first outlet in Dubai. The Downtown Cafe brand has plans of opening 12 more outlets, all across UAE in the next two years. I, along with a friend, visited their launch event last month. 

Downtown Cafe is a place where you can disconnect from the virtual world and connect with your friend, family or colleague over a cup of coffee and their scrumptious offering.

Located in the foodie hub of Karama, Downtown Cafe is a spacious venue with relaxed atmosphere. It offers indoor and outdoor dining space. 

The cafe is done up in hues of earthy brown. The interiors are simple and elegant with dim lighting and comfortable seating area. My favorite part of the cafe was the in-house Library. The peppy background music enhanced our dining experience.

Downtown Cafe offers international cuisine. Their diverse…

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