Mamma mia! Island-hopping in Greece – Part 3

(This post follows ‘Mamma mia! Island-hopping in Greece – Part 2’ posted on 30 Aug 2017)

It was a bumpy ride; I was almost going to throw up. Boat rides and cruises look more appealing than they actually are. We reached Santorini seaport. Our pick-up was there holding a placard with our names on it. We rode uphill along the windings and were dropped at El Greco, a boutique hotel on the main street in Fira.

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Mamma mia! Island-hopping in Greece – Part 2

(This post follows ‘Mamma mia! Island-hopping in Greece – Part 1’ posted on 10 Aug 2017)

Next morning, we were back at the Piraeus port to board the Superjet speedboat to the Cycladic island of Mykonos. We boarded the speedboat and settled in our seats. However, the boat didn’t pull out. A little later, many passengers started getting off. It looked like something was not right. We asked one of the officers. He informed that the weather did not permit for the speedboat to set out. We too alighted the boat.

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Mamma mia! Island-hopping in Greece – Part 1

(This post follows ‘Our holiday in the ruins’ posted on 30 July 2017)

After a tiring but enlightening tour of Greece’s great historic sites in the inlands, we were all set for a relaxing visit to the quaint islands of the Hellenic Republic. We started with the three islands in the Saronic gulf: Hydra, Poros and Aegina.

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Our holiday in the ruins

(This post follows ‘Our big fat Greek holiday’ posted on 10 July 2017)

We began the 3 nights/4 days tour of the Peloponnese, Central Greece and Thessaly regions. It was primarily a historical tour. We were a group of about 30-40 tourists from different countries on a big bus. We were accompanied by a Greek guide. She was a strict and sometimes rude woman; she never smiled. She was old and her dressing made her look like Mary Poppins. However, she was knowledgeable. She shared a lot of information about the various times and legends of Ancient Greece.

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Our big fat Greek holiday

It was the summer of 2013 and time for yet another holiday! I started thinking about where to travel. Egypt, Greece and Turkey were amongst the first few destinations we had wished to visit since we moved to the UAE in 2008. We had already visited Turkey; Egypt was not politically stable at that time. Greece was the only choice.  

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