The American highlights

(This post follows ‘Night flight to NYC’ posted on 30 May 2017)

We had hoped to start touring from the first day of reaching New York city. The day we had landed was Thanksgiving Day. We wanted to catch a glimpse of the famous Macy’s parade. We were so enthusiastic about it that we forgot about jet lag! But it hadn’t forgotten us.

After we enjoyed looking at the crowd appreciating the inflated balloons – the star attraction of the parade, we headed to Grand Central Terminal to marvel at its architectural beauty. And it was then that the sleep wave caught me. I couldn’t rescue myself. I cruised aside and sat down leaning against a wall to catch up some sleep! We all must have some unique experiences and fond memories of our time in NYC, but mine is sleeping at Grand Central Terminal!

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The jet lag was affecting me more than it was affecting Vinod. We spent half the nights planning for the next day and began touring after we woke up. We missed a stand-up comedy gig because we couldn’t get up in time. On two other occasions, when we did manage to reach the venue on time, I almost slept through the entire show. It took me almost 3 days to recover. Until then, our touring had not really begun.

When our touring began, it was fun. We covered almost all the popular tourist spots: Statue of Liberty, the Empire State building (on the 102nd floor), Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Madame Tussauds, Rockefeller Top of the Rock, Metropolitan Museum, the 9/11 memorial, the Times Square, Wall Street etc.

However, I would classify the following as special or memorable experiences. They are:

  1. walking in the Central Park
  2. visiting the Museum of Natural History where we saw the mummies and remnants of the Ishtar Gate
  3. experiencing the magic and grandeur of Broadway shows, ‘Jersey Boys’, ‘Something Rotten’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Chicago’ and ‘Kinky Boots’
  4. taking a helicopter ride over Manhattan (my first and only helicopter ride yet!)
  5. viewing the building used in the popular and my favourite sitcom ‘Friends’ on Bedford Street
  6. viewing the Brooklyn Bridge
  7. visiting Corning Museum of Glass
  8. viewing the magnificent Niagara Falls and enjoying an adventurous jet boat ride in the Niagara Gorge
  9. meeting my cousin-nephew Shiv and his wife Prerana
  10. shopping.

A video of our helicopter ride…

 For Vinod, I think the highlight would be eating at Hard Rock Cafe in NYC and by Niagara Falls! That trip was also different because it is the only trip in which we have spent so many days – 9 to be precise – in just one city.

The magnet that adorns our fridge
Our trip to the US was eye-opening and fulfilling in many ways. It was Vinod’s dream to visit the US and an accomplishment for both of us to cross the Atlantic Ocean. We had first connected with it at the Cape of Good Hope. However, we missed out on seeing zombies, aliens and serial killers. A trip to the US without coming across one of these feels so incomplete. Maybe on our next trip…


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