Driving back to Geneva – Part 1

(This post follows ‘Liechtenstein in a day’ posted on 18 Feb 2017)

That was the last day of our trip. Our flight to Abu Dhabi was to depart from Geneva International Airport at night. We had almost the full day to reach Geneva airport. We had checked-in online a day before just in case we got delayed.

However, first, we needed to pack. And even before that, we needed to eat. Vinod can seldom start his day without eating. And to get motivated for a boring task like packing, he had to eat first! We enjoyed our last breakfast in Europe for that trip.

Our warm clothes and shoes were lying in the car. We were not going to need those anymore. We got them upstairs. The bulky digital camera went in the carry-on knapsack and its battery went in the check-in luggage. Wine bottles were placed in the centre and a heavy padding was built around them. Then, we were burned out.

However, there were still a lot of our things lying around; it seemed as if they were calling out to us to pick them up and place them in the bags. We packed every thing of our stuff that we saw lying around in the two big black suitcases. Finally, we were done packing! We felt a sense of relief and achievement.

After that, we headed to the reception for the check-out formalities. The hotel staff gave us a small parting gift, a magnet! It’s placed on our fridge now along with other magnets from various countries and the ones we bought in Zermatt and Liechtenstein.



The fastest route to Geneva International Airport that the GPS navigation system showed was more than 400 kms long; which by our average should take 6 hours. We were driving through the winding road downhill towards Chur. It began to rain. There was a lot of mist and fog making visibility low. It looked like a dream sequence in Indian movies. At Chur, Vinod took over driving. It was the only day he drove on the trip.

We headed towards Zurich. We passed by the spellbindingly beautiful lake of Walensee. We wished we could spend some time on or by the lake. Maybe, next time.

As per the navigation system, we had to pass by Zurich. However, we took a wrong turn and ended up entering the city. For the first time on our trip, we experienced urban traffic. It’s unimaginable to experience traffic in Switzerland! We didn’t like it one bit. Since we had entered the city, we thought we might as well take a break and have quick lunch. By that time, it had started to rain in Zurich too. And, as it is with cities in general, it was difficult to find parking. So, we headed out of Zurich.

To be continued…

Route from Arosa to Geneva International Airport (Click to view the interactive map)

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