And am back from Hyderabad!

(This post follows ‘Am off to Hyderabad!‘ posted on 8 Nov 2016).

It was a short, but fulfilling trip. As you know, I had gone to attend Writers’ Carnival. It was its sixth edition. It had an interesting mix of speakers and activities.

Writers’ Carnival started with a talk on writing sports fiction. Harimohan Paravu, a former cricketer turned novelist led a fun and insightful session on how to develop the various aspects of sports fiction. And why wouldn’t it be a fun-filled session?! He is a motivational speaker too after all!

It was thoughtful of the organisers to have included a session on sports fiction writing. Attending that session made me realise that sports fiction too seems to be suffering from neglect by society much as certain sports do. Paruvu’s inspiring session has potential to change that.

Writers’ Carnival included a couple of poetry sessions too. Although I am not into poetry, I did sit through a session for young adults. Oops! Did I say young adults? Clearly, the session was so not for me! However, the speaker, a 20-something Trivarna Hariharan, did make an impression! She seemed to be determined to bring out the poet within us and in fact, she did end up inspiring a few.

However, the highlight of Writers’ Carnival was the launch of the book ‘The World I Write In’, an anthology of poems and short stories on vision impairment. It features Vinod’s short story titled ‘In Sight of Love’.

Watch Vinod speak about his story…

An excerpt from the short story, ‘In Sight of Love’…

It was like any other day until she felt a strange wave of pain in her chest. She felt something was going to happen. Just then, the clock struck thrice. She panicked.

“Where is my son?”

She was worried. Parth comes home by 2.30 pm usually. But today, he didn’t arrive until 3 pm.

“Did he have an extra class? Has he gone to Deepu’s house?”

Many thoughts were crossing her mind at the same time.

“Parth always made it a point to inform me about his day’s schedule. Did I forget something?”

It is every mother’s worst nightmare to think of what could happen to her child who does not reach home on time. She knew that Parth was a smart boy and that he could take care of himself. But she was also aware that he was just 10-years old, and sometimes he was clumsy and careless.

“No, nothing has happened to my Parth,” she comforted herself.

But then, the wait seemed endless. She decided to go to his school to look for him.


‘The World I Write In’ is published by Nivasini Publishers. The book is available on Amazon India and FlipKart.


Meanwhile, I will share what I did on the day before in my next post.


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