Drive-through Europe

It had been a long-cherished dream to drive through a continent or at least a country! So, when we were expecting a week-long holiday for Eid Al Adha (also called Bakri Eid in South Asia), Vinod – my husband, suggested driving through Europe.

I wasn’t excited about it initially because I had researched in great detail (phew!) about the scenic train journeys in Switzerland. After all, I didn’t want my research to go waste!

Yet, I could not convince Vinod. No one can. So, there again, I started afresh; researching about driving through Europe.

I was browsing through SUVs, premium cars, large cars, medium cars…. And inspiration started coming to me! Should I go for an open roof car and experience a slice of life from the epic DDLJ?

I looked at the charges and reminded myself about humility, staying grounded and being thankful for what I have! I reminded myself of all the other fun I could have with that money. Finally, we settled for the cheapest in the fleet, ‘Mercedes-Benz A-Class or similar’. Now, that doesn’t sound bad either! So yeah! I booked a ‘Mercedes-Benz A-Class or similar’.

Read about where we drove to in the ‘Mercedes-Benz A-Class or similar’ on my blog later.

Me with an upgrade from ‘Mercedes-Benz A-Class or similar’ to Volkswagen Touran

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