Am off to Hyderabad!

I am travelling again; however, this time it’s not pure travel. I am going to attend Writers’ Carnival in Hyderabad.

Writers’ Carnival will feature creative writing workshops, book launches and an English Qawwali recital. While I look forward to the workshops, I have a very special reason to attend the event, which I shall share after I return! Those who know the reason, stay shhhh! 😉

Meanwhile, I will plan how to spend one day in Hyderabad and brush up on some Hyderabadi Hindi. Kya to bhi bolte!

Note: Writers’ Carnival is being hosted by Nivasini Publishers. It will be held on 19 November, 2016 from 10am to 4pm at G P Birla Centre, Adarsh Nagar. For more information, refer to Nivasini Publishers’ website or Facebook account.


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