3 nights and 2 fabulous days in Jordan

10 years ago, Jordan was on my bucket list. A couple of years ago, I struck it off. However, when our friends Sharad and Shilpa asked Vinod and me to join them on a brief trip to the Hashemite Kingdom, I readily agreed. It was a short notice, but I have mastered the art of packing in a few hours.

We set off on an Emirates’ flight and reached the capital city of Amman in the evening. We headed straight to Amman Pasha hotel and checked in. Later, we strolled around the hotel. We walked to the Hashemite Plaza and the Roman theatre and enjoyed a bite of street-side Karabeej Halab. We returned to the hotel and treated ourselves to a complementary foot massage. After a hearty dinner, we went to bed with great excitement for the coming two days. 

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Fun things I did in NYC – Part 2

This post follows ‘Fun things I did in NYC – Part 1posted on 30 Nov 2018

Here are the fun things I did in NYC.

  1. Spent a day at the Bear Mountain State Park

I took a public bus from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the Bear Mountain State Park. It was a direct bus along a scenic route and took about 1 hour 15 minutes to reach. The bus stop is exactly opposite the park.

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Fun things I did in NYC – Part 1

This post follows ‘Return to the US’ posted on 20 Nov 2018

The last time I had visited NYC in 2015, I had explored pretty much everything in the city. This time, I wanted to see and do something different. So, here are the fun and exciting things I did in and around NYC.

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Return to the US

It was June 2017. Vinod was in Prague. KitCat and I were enjoying our respective ‘me’ times. However, suddenly our flat got infested with bed bugs. Then followed two pest control sessions, several linen-washing sessions, throwing old stuff out and getting the flat painted. I managed all this alone and was very tired at the end of it all. Finally, all the bed bugs vanished and I deserved a treat for my effort. So, I headed to my favourite destination, the US of A.

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Beaten by the Armenian beauty

What makes Armenia an ideal destination?

Many of my friends were surprised that I chose to go to Armenia (Hayastan in Armenian) for a holiday. Here are some of the reasons that make Armenia an ideal destination:

  1. Armenia is close to the UAE and can be reached by just a 3-hour flight.
  2. It offers visa on arrival to GCC residents.
  3. It is a beautiful country.
  4. Accommodation, food and tours are not expensive.
  5. It is in the same time zone as the UAE.
  6. It has a low crime rate.

In short, Armenia combines the beauty of Europe in the budget of Asia.

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What to see and do in Salalah?

Vinod and I went to Salalah in September and we absolutely enjoyed our time there. We visited several waterfalls, called ayns. In addition, we visited Wadi Darbat, which is a brook in a gorge, a few beaches and caves. In this blog, I will try to guide you on how to make the most of your visit to Salalah.

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Amritsar: where religion and politics converge

It was Eid Al Adha (Bakri Eid) of 2018. We had 9 days’ holidays including the weekends. Vinod had some work in Bangalore, but direct tickets at the last minute were expensive. We found slightly cheaper tickets via Amritsar. After we finished our work in Bangalore, we stayed in Amritsar for two days.

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