Re-starting our London tour

This post follows ‘Walking tour of London’ posted on 30 Sep 2018

The next morning we woke up determined to explore the city on our own, but our legs were slowing us down since they were still tired from the earlier day’s walking tour. We agreed to re-start our tour with the Tower of London. We headed straight to the Tower Hill tube station and walked to the Tower of London. We spent ample time at the various sections of the erstwhile castle. From the royal estate, we enjoyed a good look at the Tower Bridge, which is often mistaken to be the London Bridge.

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Walking tour of London

This post follows ‘To the UK on a day’s notice’ posted on 20 Sep 2018  

The next morning we set off to discover the city on the Thames. First, we saw the Monument to the Fire of London and then stepped on the famed London bridge. 

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To the UK on a day’s notice

It had been quite some time since we had received our UK tourist visa, but somehow we had not been able to plan a visit to the island country. Then, one day in March 2018, Vinod called me while we were at work and proposed to leave for the UK the next day. He reminded me that our visas were due to expire in a few weeks and that no other week was going to be convenient for him to travel.

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Heritage tour of Nepal

A visit to the Himalayan country of Nepal had been pending since 2015. Even 2017 was ending and we hadn’t yet visited the country. Finally, in the last few days of 2017, we took a day off, combined it with the weekend and New Year’s Day and set off to Nepal.

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Memories from Maldives

It was December 2010. We were tired from our 3-week long tour of Europe in October and were looking at a short break to recover from that. Meanwhile, a holiday was declared on 2 December on account of National Day. That year, 2 December fell on a Thursday. I was thrilled at the travel opportunity this holiday presented as the next two days were our regular weekly holidays.

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Cape Town calling

(This post follows ‘Going along the Garden Route – Part 2’ posted on 10 Aug 2018)

We were back in Cape Town and it was time to explore the Mother City. I have faint memories of how we spent the day and the order in which we visited places. However, I am sure we got on on one of the ‘hop on hop off’ buses and bought tickets for a 48-hour tour of the city. We took a brief tour of Cape Town. We went around the city centre and crossed the Trafalgar Place Flower Market, as the guide provided commentary.

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Going along the Garden Route – Part 2

(This post follows ‘Going along the Garden Route – Part 1’ posted on 31 Jul 2018)

Day 3 began with a visit to the big tree in Tsitsikamma Forest. I don’t remember a lot about the big tree, but this website says that it is a giant Outeniqua Yellowwood (Podocarpus Falcatus) tree with a height of 36.6 metres and a circumference of 9 metres. We spent some time in awe of the hugeness of the tree and admiring the lush green forest in which it stood.

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